About Us

Kams Singapore is an international commodity trading company headquartered in Singapore which specializes in agricultural commodities. Established in 2003, with a current daily market segment, we have morphed into a one of the leading exporter and importer in the Asia-Pacific region with a strong market network and knowledge, operational efficiency and overall financial stability with an enviable reputation for business acumen, integrity and professionalism.

Initially incorporated to oversee the cotton products for China, Taiwan & India market, the company soon realized that International trader has a very wide definition when agriculture commodities comes into picture. Singapore being the financial hub of international market, the company started to explore the opportunities & shifted focus in agricultural products and occupied a niche role in this key market as a global intermediary between producers & customers.

Delivering personalized services through our coordinated teamwork is the backbone of our sales commitment. Our sales and logistics teams are connected at every stage of the process as we coordinate the movement and international delivery of trade products from one side of the globe to the other. Throughout the years, we have maintained healthy business relations with our clients and we continue to develop new relations with our potential clients for greater future prospects.

We believe in steady growth by building on core strengths and nurturing partnerships along the way with in-depth information on price movements, commodity trends and market dynamics to both our customers and suppliers. In today’s constantly changing era of modernization, we are in tune with the trends of the world commodity markets. As an extension to our services, we oversee the process from the field to its final destination, guaranteeing quality control and ensuring competitive prices for the commodities.

Mr. Ritesh Bansal, managing director of the company has been shouldering the responsibilities of the company single handedly. Currently with offices in Australia, Singapore, Kenya & Canada, Mr. Bansal has vision to make presence in every country of production to have an edge over our competitors. With the support of business associates and market companions, the company is in constant attempt for developing new products and new markets in agriculture segment.


To be a Global link between producers and consumers to provide healthy food commodities with the finest product qualities fulfilling the international standards.


To build a strong network of interconnected relations with our clients and suppliers that sustains over the long-term enabling trust and transparency throughout all areas of business.